The MyTCoat Advantage

MyTCoat is a different product line in today’s market. MyTCoat’s unique coating system produces the longest lasting coating on all heat treated steel furniture. Unlike other coatings, MyTCoat has the highest level of adhesion you can achieve. Our premium coatings outperform other coatings such as plastisol and polyethylene in most, if not all, areas. Like plastisol, it has a thick film with a smooth finish and 90% gloss, but without the drip and wear typically found in plastisol coated products. The surface is non-porous, meaning it is immune to stains, fungus, mold, dirt, common acids, salts and seawater.

Our products are not made with Plastisol, so there are no PVC, phthalates, fabric softener or other environmental concerns. Because we have properties in common with plastisol, we also have properties in common with polyethylene. Like polyethylene, MyTCoat is UV and fade resistant and won’t crack, peel or warp. MyTCoat does not leave scars, scratches or damage like polyethylene products and does not have a dull texture that hides imperfections. Our coatings have superior wear and cut resistance and are easy to clean. The durability of MyTCoat cannot be matched by any other coating on any steel coated outdoor furniture sold today.

In addition to the MyTCoat coating system, our superior product design allows both ease of installation along with maximum capacity and comfort. MyTCoat commercial outdoor furniture is made with high quality U.S. Steel produced by the latest in automated equipment and the most skilled craftsmen in the industry.


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