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About MyTCoat - Outdoor Furniture

Family Owned Aadvantage Tables & Fence, Inc. of Whitney, Texas, proudly announces a completely new and innovative line of Picnic Tables, Park Benches, and Trash Receptacles. Located in Lake Whitney, Texas, using their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility centrally located in the Heart of Texas.

Robert Webb, Rodney Webb and Troy Stephens, the owners of Aadvantage, realized that not much has changed with thermo-plastic coated steel furniture in the past several years. Because of the family’s extensive combined experience and skills – nearly 60 years’ worth between them and with the customer in mind, we came to the conclusion that we could provide outstanding quality, great prices, and develop a completely new product that revolutionizes the way the market thinks about commercial outdoor furniture. The facility has cutting-edge, automated machinery to make sure that any product you buy will be sturdy, perform as expected, and outlast any of our competition. One feature that sets them apart from the competition is the new MyTCoat coating system. This unique coating is the premier coating on any commercial outdoor furniture in the market today.

After Robert sold his former company, He and his sons started Aadvantage Panels & Fence, and started manufacturing high quality ornamental fence panels. After a few very successful years, the family decided to follow their passion back to the recreation industry and start building tables and benches again. With both sides of the company, Aadvantage can offer more products to the end users and help our sales representative companies offer more turn-key solutions for the park and recreation industry.

Aadvantage is dedicated to two main principles: 1. To provide premium-quality products with fast reliable service, and 2. Customer satisfaction - total complete satisfaction - is the main reason for being in business.

Rodney and Troy want to invite everyone to give us a call. Aadvantage will happily answer your questions, provide quotes or address any concerns anyone might have. More information and product illustrations are also available at our website, www.mytcoat.com.