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Welcome to the next evolution of commercial outdoor furniture!

MyTCoat is a product line like nothing in the market today. MyTCoat’s unique coating system produces the absolute most durable coating on any thermoplastic coated steel furniture. Unlike other coatings, MyTCoat has the highest adhesion rating you can obtain. Our signature coating exceeds other coatings such as plastisol and polyethylene in most if not all aspects. Like plastisol it has a thick coating with a 90% gloss shine and smooth surface, but without the drips and runs commonly found on plastisol coated products. The surface is non-porous which means it is impervious to stains, fungus, mold, mildew, dirt build-up, common acids, salts, and seawater.

Our products are not made with Plastisol so there are no PVC’s, Pthalates, Plastizer leaching, or any other environmental concerns. As we share the good common traits of plastisol, we also share the good common traits of polyethylene. Like Polyethylene, MyTCoat is UV and fade resistant, and it doesn’t crack, peel, or warp. MyTCoat doesn’t scar, scratch, or mar, like polyethylene products and no dull texture look to hide imperfections. Our coating is ultra-resistant to vandalism and cutting, and can be cleaned with little to no effort. The durability of MyTCoat cannot be match by any other coating, on any coated steel outdoor furniture that is currently being sold today.

In addition to the MyTCoat coating system, our superior product design allows both ease of installation along with maximum capacity and comfort. MyTCoat commercial outdoor furniture is made with high quality U.S. Steel produced by the latest in automated equipment and the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. 

No drip coating

We meet or exceede the following standards:

AAMA 2604-05
ASTM D1400
ASTM D1654
ASTM D1730

ASTM D2247
ASTM D2794
ASTM D3359
ASTM D3363
ASTM D3451
ASTM D4214
ASTM D5382
ASTM D5861
ASTM D6441

Our coating is:

Drip free
Thick Coating
Scratch Resistant
No marring
Mold and Mildew Resistant
No Plasticers
No Phythaltes 
Graffiti Resistant
Fade Resistant
Heat Resistant
No Cracking
No Peeling
True Vibrant Colors
Maintenance Free



Our Colors:

Black #0e0e10    
Brown #4a3526    
Green #114232    
Dark Blue #1a2b3c    
Light Blue #005e97    
Red #792423    
Burgundy #6b1c23    
Orange #e25303    
Yellow #f7b500    
Gray #979392    
Beige #e6d2b5    
White #f1ece1